Learning Objectives

Online Course Curriculum Criteria
Listed below are the concepts you are expected to understand after completing this course. It can be helpful
to return to this page to review prior to taking your test.
I.	The Importance of Food Safety
  A.	Personal Hygiene, Cleanliness, and General Appearance 
    a.	Proper hand washing
    b.	Handling of Ready-to Eat foods; use of barrier between hands and Ready-to-Eat food 
        i.e. gloves, utensils, etc.

II.	Employee Illnesses which is to include:
  A.	Reportable symptoms
  B.	Reportable illness/diagnosis i.e. The Big Five

III.    Temperature Control 
  A.    Temperature Danger Zone
  B.    Proper thawing
  C.    Hot holding
  D.    Proper cooling
  E.    Cold holding
  F.    Cooking Temperatures
  G.    Reheating
  H.    Use of thermometers

III.	Cross-Contamination

IV.	Food Storage
V.      Cleaning and Sanitizing 
  a.	Manual dish washing
  b.	Usage of sanitizer and chemical test strips
  c.	Cleaning of kitchen/food service area

VI.     Chemicals and Pest Control

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