eFoodHandlers wants to help Food Handlers stop the spread of COVID-19. Check out our Food Safety and COVID-19 resources below.

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COVID-19 Training Course

COVID-19 Safety Training for the Food Industry

This 60 minute online course covers important safety measures from the CDC and top Food Safety experts on how best to stop the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Training Course

Food Handler & COVID-19 Bundle

Get the Basic Food Handlers Training and COVID-19 training course for a discount.

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Proper Handwashing

Learn the steps to properly wash your hands.

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Cleaning and Sanitizing

Watch Video Safe Cleaning and Sanitizing

Food Safety Video Series

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Safety Products for Food Establishments *

Disclaimer: View all information provided here as an aid. In no way should this be viewed as a substitute for information provided by front-line authorities such as physicians, local, state and federal health officials or the CDC. * All products offered on this site are provided as a service to promote a heathier food establishment. eFoodhandlers does not endorse or field-test products nor does it assert they are appropriate for your circumstance. Please perform your own evaluation of any safety product.